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2023-2024 Student Guide: Scholarship Info


This section contains information on the following topics:

This Libguide includes important information on scholarships, the kinds of awards available, and a tipsheet with how-to links for scholarship applications, essays, CVs, and interview guides. 

See here for an overview of Scholarship Basics

On the Scholarship Information SharePoint page (here), you will find announcements for various external scholarships and awards for first year university studies.

For nomination scholarships offered by Marianopolis College to current, returning, and graduating students, click here.

Contact Jennifer Mancini, Student Success Advisor, through MIO:

  • To discuss scholarships
  • Help you plan scholarship applications and timelines
  • Help you understand scholarship criteria and eligibility
  • Provide you with feedback on scholarship applications and essays 


Please ensure that you book an appointment ahead of the application deadline, so that you have time to revise your application if necessary. 

Scholarship Q & A

Why should I apply for scholarships

  • Scholarships help pay for your university expenses. The less you need to work at a job, the more time you can devote to getting good grades, participating in extracurricular activities, and volunteering, all of which can improve your university experience and your CV. 
  • Winning a scholarship shows that you’ve taken the initiative to apply and that you’ve distinguished yourself among a group of competitive applicants (scholarship winnings can be added to your CV). 
  • Scholarships can help you make connections with other current and previous winners, helping you to expand your network and potentially landing you opportunities for internships and employment (some scholarship even come with a built-in mentorship program). 

How can I find which scholarships I’m eligible for? 

  • Scholarships Canada is a comprehensive scholarship search tool that will match you with potential scholarship opportunities based on your personal profile.  
  • Scholarship Information SharePoint page: check often! You can access this page with your Marianopolis Microsoft account.   
  • Online searches are very thorough and can list scholarships and awards being offered by businesses that have not listed their prize on Scholarships Canada or other databases. 

When and how do I apply for scholarships? 

  • Deadlines vary by scholarship. Some applications are due as early as 10-12 months before you will receive the award, so it is a good idea to start the search process in the summer before your second year at Marianopolis. 
  • Be sure to check the eligibility criteria before applying; spend your time on applications for scholarships that you know you’re eligible for.  
  • If you meet the criteria, apply! You never know how many people you’re competing against or how strong your application is in comparison; it’s better to submit an application and not be chosen than to not apply at all.  
  • Applications usually require one or more of the following items: 
    • a completed application form 
    • a copy of your Marianopolis transcript (and in some cases your high school transcript) 
    • answers to one or more essay questions  
    • a CV  
    • proof of citizenship or permanent residency 
    • one or more letters of recommendation (depending on the scholarship, the person who writes the letter may be a teacher, supervisor, coach, etc.) 
  • Once you have assembled a list of scholarships that interest you, enter them on a spreadsheet and indicate the description of the scholarship, amount, relevant links, eligibility criteria, deadlines, required documents, and any other specifications for each scholarship. This will make it easier to work on your applications in order of priority and to see at a glance what documents you need to create and assemble. 

Will my university offer me a scholarship? 

  • In Canada, some universities may award certain scholarships automatically (no application required). These are called Entrance Bursaries. All applicants are considered for these, and they are usually awarded on the basis of academic merit. There may be an earlier application deadline for students who want to be considered for scholarships. Because they are offered by the university, these are Internal Awards, and cannot be transferred to another university.
  • Some universities also offer scholarships that you can apply for; be sure to check universities’ websites for details. Note that you may have to apply to the university first in order to access the scholarship application. 
  • Scholarships and awards are also offered outside of the university. Many scholarships are offered by the government, local and national businesses and companies, charities, foundations, private and professional associations or organizations, and many other establishments. These are External awards, and can be transferred to different universities if you win. Some of these awards offer direct payment toward tuition while others will offer a monetary award. 


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