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387-701-MS: Dynamics of Social Change (Hsu): Selected website and journal articles

This guide supports Yon Hsu's Dynamics of Social Change course. It contains resources to help you with your research assignmet on the societal impact of the "Big 5" tech companies.

Websites and evaluation

The websites you will find on this page were specifically selected by the Library in consultation with your professor to support your research. As a result, you can trust that they will be reliable sources of information.

However, it is important that you always think critically about any source you use. This is particularly important when using sources that you have found on the internet. To help you with this, the College has developed a simple test, the PAARC test, that you can use with any resource.

Corporate Websites for the Big 5

Tech News Reporting on the Big Five

The Frightful Five by Farhad Manjoo

New York Times' tech reporter Farhad Manjoo recently wrote a series of articles pertaining to the Big 5 tech companies, which he refers to as the "Frightful Five." Articles cover the effects which these five companies are having on society.

New Yorker Reporting on the Big 5 and Technology
Other Reporting on the Role of the Big 5

Academic Articles on The Big 5

Check the databases listed on the Selected Library databases page of this guide for more articles relating to the Big 5.

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