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387-701-MS: Dynamics of Social Change (Hsu): Selected Library databases

This guide supports Yon Hsu's Dynamics of Social Change course. It contains resources to help you with your research assignmet on the societal impact of the "Big 5" tech companies.

The Library's databases

You can access these or any other of the Library's databases from the Library Page on the Marianopolis Website or through our A-Z list of databases.

Logging in

To log in to any of the Library's databases, please follow these step-by-step instructions.

Finding journal articles

The following databases can be used to find academic studies on the social impact of projects undertaken by the Big 5. You are more likely to find what you need when using the journal databases if you look for the effects of a specific topic (e.g. Google's development of self-driving cars instead of simply looking for articles about Googles).

Finding newspaper articles

Searching newspaper articles can be very useful in finding out what highly-publicized projects the Big 5 might be undertaking at any given time.

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