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Music Resources: Library recorded music (CDs)

This guide links to Library and selected online resources for researching music topics.

How to Search the Library Catalogue

To browse genres of recorded music in the Library Catalogue, look over the list below to choose which category you are interested in, and copy the code to the right into the search box. For a more specific search, once you are in the Library Catalogue select the "Advanced Search" so you can add more search terms. If you are not sure which category has the music you are looking for, enter keywords in the "Advanced Search," and make sure to select "CD" as the item "type" from the drop-down menu below the search boxes.




  • Popular Music = CD-A
  • Blues and Jazz = CD-B
  • Musicals and Soundtracks = CD-E
  • French Music = CD-G
  • Instrumental = CD-I
  • Fold and World Music = CD-K
  • National Anthems = CD-L
  • Classical and Opera = CD-R
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