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345-101-MQ: The Mestizo Mind: Latin American Worldviews (Koutsoyannis): Books and eBooks

This LibGuide helps students in Sophia Koutsoyannis' The Mestizo Mind: Latin American Worldviews course perform effective research for their final assignment.

Books on this page

The items listed on this page are a mixture of books and eBooks. When using each, there are a few things to remember:

  • Books - Note the Call Number listed with each book. You will need this number to find the book on the shelf. Physical books can be kept in several different collections in the Library. To find out which collection each book is in, click on the title to go to the Library catalogue. In the catalogue, look at the bottom right corner of the screen, where it says "location." Under ‘location’, you will see one of these options:
    • Available - See a Librarian for Assistance: These books are part of the Library's Circulating Collection. They are currently housed on the C-100 level of the library, which is closed to students. To use any of these books, please ask for them at the Circulation Desk. It will take approximately 24 hours to retrieve the book, and we will MIO you when it is available for pickup.
    • Reserve Collection: These books have been placed in the Reserve Collection by professors for specific courses. Ask for them at the Circulation Desk on the Main Floor.
    • New Book Section:  These are recent additions to our collections. Find them on the Main Floor, on the shelves near the Circulation Desk.
    • Graphic Novel Section: These books are part of our Graphic Novel Collection. Find them on the Main Floor, beside the New Books section.
    • Main Floor: These books are part of the Reference Collection on the Main Floor.
    • eBook: These books are part of our online eBook collections. Click on the title of the book, then on the small link labeled "URL" in the Library catalogue to access the eBook. You will be asked to log in to the database. To log in to any of the Library's databases, please follow these step-by-step instructions.
    • In Cataloguing OR In Processing: These books are currently being catalogued or processed for addition to the Library's collections. If you see a book with this status that interests you, ask about the book at the Circulation Desk.
    • Material at the bindery: These books are currently out for rebinding, and will be returned to the Library soon. Until they return, the books are unavailable.

Finding an eBook

Use the following eBook database to find books on your topic. Please note that the contents of this databases are linked directly through the Library Catalogue, so you can search for eBooks directly through the Catalogue. However, when you are off campus, or when you want to access a book that you already know is in one of our eBook databases, you will need to log in to the database directly. This databases can also be found on the Find books and eBooks page of the Library website.

Finding print books in the Library collections

An example of a call number label on the spine of the book. Label reads: C813.6 B252CC 2013 c.1All books in the Library are organized according to Dewey Decimal classification system. A book's number in the Dewey system is referred to as a "call number." Each number usually begins with three digits, followed by a period and series of numbers and letters. The only exception to this is for Canadian literature, which has a C before the initial three digits of the call number (see the picture on the right for an example). The three digit number groups books according to a broad subject area, and the remaining numbers and letters situate each book within a more specific topic within that broad subject area. There are eleven broad subject areas, arranged as follows:

000    General and miscellaneous subjects
100    Philosophy & psychology
200    Religion
300    Social sciences
400    Languages
500    Natural sciences & mathematics
600    Technology (Applied sciences)
700    The arts (Includes art, architecture, music, film, photography, television, and more)
800    Literature & rhetoric
C800 Canadian Literature & rhetoric
900    Geography & history

To find a book, start by searching the Library Catalogue. We recommend using the Advanced Search for your work, as it will give you more options to work with.

Once you've found the book you're looking for, note its location and the call number that has been assigned to that particular book. Then go to where the book is held in the Library and browse the shelves for the book with the call number that you want. Remember that all books are arranged sequentially by call number, so that a book with the call number 101.112 will be shelved after a book with the call number 101.111, and so on.

For collections that are kept at the Circulation Desk, such as the Reserve Collection and the Film Collection, just ask a member of Circulation staff for the book or film you need.

If a the book's location says "See a librarian for assistance," then it is currently in off-site storage. Please contact the Library regarding the book and we will attempt to find an alternative for you.

Note that the Library is also enforcing a 24-hour quarantine for all books when being handled by anyone. While you are encouraged to browse the books available on the shelves, any book you touch but do not check out should be placed in the clear plastic boxes on top of the shelves, where they will be quarantined. Please do not return the books to the shelves.

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