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345-101-MQ: Backwards or Brilliant? Early Modern Ways of Knowing (Brand): Selected secondary sources

This guide is intended to help students in Sarah Brand's Early Modern Knowledge course with their research for the essay on women in early modern society.

Peer-reviewed secondary sources

On this page, you will find sources for peer-reviewed secondary sources. This includes a selected list of books and eBooks from the Library's collections, academic journal databases for journal articles, and some reliable online sources.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of resources. With some searching, you may be able to find other resources that could help you with your assignment.

Books on this page

The items listed on this page are a mixture of books and eBooks. When using each, there are a few things to remember:

  • Books - Note the Call Number listed with each book. You will need this number to find the book on the shelf. Physical books can be kept in several different collections in the Library. To find out which collection each book is in, click on the title to go to the Library catalogue. In the catalogue, look at the bottom right corner of the screen, where it says "location." Under ‘location’, you will see one of these options:
    • C-102 Ground Floor - These books are part of the Library's Circulating Collection, and are housed on the Ground Floor (C-102) level of the Library. Use the Call Number listed on each book, then take it to the Circulation Desk on the Main Floor (C-202) to check it out.
    • Reserve Collection: These books have been placed in the Reserve Collection by professors for specific courses. Ask for them at the Circulation Desk on the Main Floor (C-202).
    • New Book Section: These are recent additions to our collections. Find them on the Main Floor (C-202), on the shelves near the Circulation Desk.
    • Graphic Novel Section: These books are part of our Graphic Novel Collection. Find them on the Ground Floor (C-102) on the three sets of shelves near the top of the accessibility ramp.
    • Main Floor: These books are part of the Reference Collection on the L-shaped shelves on the Main Floor (C-202).
    • eBook: These books are part of our online eBook collections. Click on the title of the book, then on the small link labeled "URL" in the Library catalogue to access the eBook. You will be asked to log in to the database. To log in to any of the Library's databases, please follow these step-by-step instructions.
    • In Cataloguing OR In Processing: These books are currently being catalogued or processed for addition to the Library's collections. If you see a book with this status that interests you, ask about the book at the Circulation Desk.
    • Material at the bindery: These books are currently out for rebinding, and will be returned to the Library soon. Until they return, the books are unavailable.

Secondary source books

The Library's databases

You can access these or any other of the Library's databases from the Library Page on the Marianopolis Website or through our A-Z list of databases.

Logging in

To log in to any of the Library's databases, please follow these step-by-step instructions.

Finding journal articles

Websites and evaluation

The websites you will find on this page were specifically selected by the Library in consultation with your professor to support your research. As a result, you can trust that they will be reliable sources of information.

However, it is important that you always think critically about any source you use. This is particularly important when using sources that you have found on the internet. To help you with this, the College has developed a simple test, the PAARC test, that you can use with any resource.

Online secondary sources

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