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370-121-MS: Judaism, Christianity & Islam (Sasson): Philo

This guide contains the resources you will need to use for the Judaism, Christianity & Islam course. These are very specialized resources for interpretive scriptural research, so we've also included information to help you get the most out of each resourc

The Works of Philo

The Works of Philo show the intellectual history of the Bible. Philo Judaeus, of Alexandria, Egypt, was a contemporary of Paul and Jesus. While not Judeo-Christian himself, he studied the Hellenistic Judaic and Early Christian traditions and wrote about them extensively. The Works of Philo translates and collects these writings.

The Works of Philo has a scriptural index in the back. Use this index to find which sections of Philo directly comment on a specfic Book/chapter/verse from the Bible. Find the Book, chapter and verse from the Bible that you are looking for in the left column of the index, then proceed to the page(s) in Philo that are in the right column of the index. Somewhere on the referenced page, Philo will have made mention of the verses that you are looking for.

There are two copies of The Works of Philo available on Reserve in the Library. Ask for them at the Circulation Desk.

There is also a copy of Philo available digitally in four volumes through the Ebook Central database. Note that the Ebook Central version lacks the extensive indexes from the back of the print version.

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