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370-121-MS: Judaism, Christianity & Islam (Sasson): Josephus

This guide contains the resources you will need to use for the Judaism, Christianity & Islam course. These are very specialized resources for interpretive scriptural research, so we've also included information to help you get the most out of each resourc

Josephus: The Complete Works

Flavius Josephus was a first-century Roman-Jewish scholar, historian and hagiographer. He was primarily known as the first historian of the Jewish people, having attempted to reconcile the Bible with secular history in a work called The Antiquities. The collected Works of Josephus contains The Antiquities as well as other works by the scholar, all in translation.

The Works of Josephus also contain a scriptural index that illustrates the sections of Josephus' work that parallel the books of the Hebrew Bible. In the left column of the index, you will find the chapter and verse of each book of the Bible, and in the right column you will find the book, chapter, and verse of the work of Josephus that corresponds with that section of the Bible. For example, Genesis 2: 4-25 corresponds with the events of The Antiquities book 1, chapter 1, verses 2 and 3. Here's what it looks like:

Sample image from the Josephus Scriptural Index. Left column labelled with Book, Chapter, and Verse of the Bible. Right Column labelled with the corresponding Book, Chapter, and Verse from the Antiquities.

Copies of Josephus: The Complete Works can be found on Reserve. You can ask for them at the Circulation Desk.

The complete works of Flavius Josephus are also available online on the following site. Note that, while the site has the same translation of the works as the print copy in the Library, it does not have the above-mentioned scriptural index.

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