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502-APB-MS: Perspectives II - Arts, Literature and Communication (Spriggs and Pagé): Citation Style Information

This guide supports Megan Spriggs' and Sylvain Page's Perspectives II course. It contains information on how to do research, as well as useful information on where to look for the best sources.

Citation Style Resources

When doing research, it is of upmost importance that you always properly credit your sources using in-text citations and works cited lists. In order to help you with this, the Library has put together a Citation Styles Guide. As this course uses the Modern Languages Association (MLA) 9th edition citation style, you'll want to use the MLA 9th edition section of the Guide, which can be found here:

For this course, you will also be asked to create an annotated bibliography of your sources. This uses the same format as a normal Works Cited, but also includes short summaries and analysis of each source, explaining why it is useful for your topic. Your teachers will discuss what they will want from you for an annotated bibliography, but, in terms of how you should format the bibliography using MLA style, you can use the following section of the MLA 9th edition online guide:

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