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Freedom to Read Week: About Freedom to Read Week

This guide lists books, graphic novels, and other resources related to the challenging, banning or censorship of literary works, in support of Freedom to Read Week.

About Freedom to Read Week

Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that takes place during the last full week of February every year. The goal is to increase awareness around literary censorship issues in Canada.

According to the Freedom to Read website, "Despite having strong traditions of free expression and free inquiry, Canada also has a long-standing tradition of censorship. Historically, books and magazines have often been quietly removed from libraries and classrooms. Freedom to Read Week was founded in 1984 to challenge the covert nature of censorship, creating a broader awareness of these ongoing challenges to Canadian writing, and to allow Canadians to actively defend their right to publish, read and write freely and to widen their understanding of the negative effects of censorship, not just on readers but on writers and publishers as well."

Check the links below for more information about banned and challenged literature:

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