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English, French, and Math Support: Transitional expressions

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Transitional expressions

In a well-written essay, the sequence of sentences and paragraphs allows the reader to build their understanding of your argument gradually and logically.

Becoming familiar with appropriate transitional expressions is an essential part of learning to write essays that have this sense of flow and focus. Exactly which transitional expression to use in a given situation depends upon the purpose and on the effect you wish to create.


Transitions between paragraphs

Purpose Transitional expression
Introduce body paragraph 1 The author introduces this concept by; One of the ways in which...; The author constructs the idea first by...
Introduce additional body paragraphs Another way in which the by...; The author continues to develop this idea by...; In order to further construct this idea, the author...; In addition to..., the author... to show that...
Progress from one idea to another First; second; third; next; then; finally; after; afterward; at last; before; currently; during; earlier; immediately; later; meanwhile; now; recently; simultaneously; subsequently; then
Show that two ideas are similar Also; in the same way; just as ____, so too ______; likewise; similarly
Show that two ideas are different But; however; in spite of; on the one hand, _______, but on the other hand _______; nevertheless; nonetheless; notwithstanding; in contrast; on the contrary; still; yet

Transitions between sentences

Purposes Transitional expression
Integrating a supporting quotation For example; for instance; namely; specifically; to illustrate; the author writes, “___________”, which _________
emphasize the following sentence Even; indeed; in fact; of course; truly
Show a cause and effect relationship Accordingly; consequently; hence; so; therefore; thus
Provide additional support or evidence Additionally; again; also; and; as well; besides; equally important; further; furthermore; in addition; moreover; then
Wrap up a paragraph Finally; in a word; in brief; briefly; in conclusion; in the end; on the whole; thus; to conclude; to summarize; in summary

Note: Overusing transition words lessens their impact. Use them sparingly for maximum effect!

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